The Scallop Christmas (2011)

Times were tough in the small New England fishing village where Marcie lived. No one had any money, and work was hard to find. So the villagers rejoiced one glorious fall when an unexpected bounty of scallops filled their little bay. For young Marcie, a week of harvesting scallops also brought an unexpected adventure and a lesson about love that she would never forget. The Scallop Christmas was the winner of the 2009 Maine Lupine Honor Award, given annually to a picture book of outstanding merit.

  • Author: Jane Freeburg
  • Illustrator: Astrid Sheckels
  • Publisher: Islandport Press
  • Published: 2009
  • ISBN-10: 1934031259 / ISBN-13: 978-1934031254
  • Format: Hardcover: 36 pages
  • Age Range: 6 – 10 years
  • Grade Level: Kindergarten – 2

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About the Author: Jane Freeburg  lives on Georgetown Island in Midcoast Maine and has lived in the state for thirty years. The Scallop Christmas is based on a true story told to her by her friend Marcia, who lived most of the story. She states, “It rattled around in my brain for thirty-five years, and when it came to mind, I’d think, ‘That’s a great story. I ought to write it down. I’m so glad I did.”

About the Illustrator: Astrid Sheckels cannot remember a time when she was not telling or illustrating stories, especially ones involving imaginary animals. A native of western Massachusetts and growing up in an artistic family, Astrid spent her childhood playing outside, using her imagination, and drawing.

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